Author Bio

For those of you who have read the book and don’t know me, or for those who know me and have read the book, no I’m not like Dana. Well, not completely anyway. 🙂

I work as a full time computer programmer and a part time writer in the evenings. I have a lot of the typical nerd type hobbies, playing on the computer, building models and whatnot but I also like playing my guitar, drawing, woodworking and well, basically I’m open to anything. I have a ton of hobbies I like to keep me busy so I tend to dabble in a lot of different things. I live a pretty average life, live in a pretty average home and live with THREE not so average Jack Russell Terriers. But then again Jack Russells aren’t average even among themselves.

I originally thought of Nightcat waaay back when I was in Grade 9. I was really into comics (and still am but to a lesser degree) and what annoyed me was the cat-like characters out there that really didn’t have anything cat-like about them physically. They were basically people who dressed up in an outfit, somewhat resembling a cat and gave themselves a cat-like name. (And yes, I know about Tigra from the Marvel Universe but she is hardly a main character) In addition to that, I wanted a strong female lead that was part cat.

My first concept drawing I did way back when were pretty ordinary, and now I look back at them and laugh at the goofiness of them. There was nothing about this character that made her stand out from the rest.

Many years passed, and the idea still loomed about in my head. It wasn’t until I met a good friend of mine on a company trip who finally convinced me to write about the character. I initially though, “I sucked in English class, there’s no way in hell I could ever write a novel.” It took me some time to get over that, but once I did I actually discovered that I liked writing.

The first draft of my first book was far from perfect but it had potential. Shortly after I started a new programming job I met up with a gentleman who offered to edit my prologue and give me pointers. Since then, we’ve become close friends and he often times during our coffee break we discuss the current novels and various plot outlines and situations.

I do admit when I first started writing, I decided to take the easy way out and somewhat base Dana’s personality on my own. And while some people would read more into the book, I tend to look at the differences in our personalities. We are far from the same person and this series wasn’t written to be some sort of wish fulfillment on my part. Each of the characters has a piece of me in their personality, no matter how small of a piece. It just so happens that Dana has more of those pieces than the other characters in the novel. 🙂