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Dana Harker, age 28, is the second child of Gerald and Helen Harker. Dana holds a BSc and an MBA, and works as a computer consultant employed by Nytech Industries in her hometown, Grace City, a fictional community modeled after London, Ontario, Canada.

One day on her way home from the office, Dana is kidnapped and subjected to an experimental medical procedure in which her DNA is combined with that of several species of large predatory cat, and microscopic computers called nanites are introduced into her blood stream. As a result, she is able to morph at will between her human form and that of an anthropomorphic cat. She soon uses her newly-acquired powers to escape her captors.

Due to her physical appearance Nightcat is initially feared by the authorities, but she soon proves herself to them and becomes a valuable ally in the fight against crime in Grace City.

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Physical Attributes

Eye Color:Amber (green when angered/in extreme pain)

Height:5′ 11″


Hair:Rust coloured hair with bangs arched over forehead and the rest ending at her waist

Distinguishable Features:Entire body covered in fine brown fur, extremities accented with black stripes (3 on each upper arm and calf and 4 on each thigh), possesses a 4′ long prehensile tail, pointed elven ears and legs similar in design to the hind legs of a cat, wears a black studded collar in addition to metallic wrist cuffs on each arm

Superpowers and Skills


  • Enhanced senses
  • increased strength (current limit unknown but is able to lift over 2 tons)
  • cat-like agility
  • increased pain tolerance
  • healing factor which also makes her more resistance to injury or poisons
  • increased stamina and speed (able to run up to 100 kph for short distances), sixth sense that warns her of danger
  • ability to morph into a secret identity due to the nanites inherent in her blood stream
  • wrist cuffs are able to deploy a grappling hook in which she can use as a weapon or more commonly, to swing from building to building

Special Skills:Able to use her intelligence to beat bigger and stronger foes
Weapons:Razor sharp talons, and her tail can be used to knock down a lesser opponent
Weaknesses:It is suggested that the longer she stays in her cat form, the harder it is for her to change back to her human counterpart. Her strengths can also be turned against her as well. Things like an over-abundance of sensory stimulation can disorient her but won’t necessarily subdue her.




Notable Quotes

“Damn right I’m pissed! Do you have any idea how hard it is to wash blood out of fur?”

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