David Rayner MLP

Uploaded: February 10, 2010 11:51 AM
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Before you say anything, yes I have no life. 😀

A while back I worked on a NC MLP (which is done except for the hair styling) and I got the wacky idea of doing ALL my characters as MLps…so without farther ado, I present Detective David Rayner…in MLP form.

I got a new airbrush, my compressor is now frankensteined to work with it, and with my photo booth I’m all set to paint. So I decided a couple days ago that I should revisit this.

I bought the MLP from eBay and used Tamiya acrylic paint (Sky Blue) for the body. The butt symbol was an old design of mine which represents his police badge. The hair I bought from Dollyhair.com and made my own rehairing tool which made the work go by a LOT faster.

Yes, I realize he has no clothes, but except for the NC (and possibly Raphael) MLP I just want the symbol to be shown. Otherwise you may not tell them apart. Well, yeah I guess you would, the characters are all pretty unique. 

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