Back to the Old Hosting Provider

posted on November 14, 2016, 3:30 pm

Well, that was a bust.

I moved all my sites to Amazon web services because it was supposed to be cheaper AND you were supposed to get a year free.  I thought I read the fine print, but I think there was some I missed.  You could get 750 hours of computing time free per month for a year.  If you had TWO sites, then you’d get half that time for free.  That part I understood and figured even with like 5 sites, I’d still get something for free.  No dice.  I ended up with a $75 bill from Amazon.  For my first month with them.  I was paying like 30 some dollars at GoDaddy for my sites, though I knew I probably could go on a cheaper plan.

It was such a pain.  I moved all my sites over, relearned Linux commands, and fought with permissions on Amazon only to get that stupid bill and move everything BACK to GoDaddy.  I am now on a plan that’s like $20 a month and I can have unlimited sites.  So I’m still saving money which is good.

I didn’t bother moving the ngihtcat-online site over because I was eventually going to use with a complete overhaul of the site anyway.  I’m still working on stuff, but the blog, series lineup and image gallery are working.  The menu up top does looks a  bit weird because I’m still debugging it.

The one goofy thing is the image loading.  I’ve got some animations taking place but sometimes they happen without the image being completely loaded first, so that’s something I need to work on as well.

So far I like what’s here and I’ll plug away at it.