Working on Character Detail Page

posted on January 6, 2017, 10:39 am

So MOST everything is done, except some piddly things.  The page that needs the most custom code is the character detail page.  This is my scribble on a layout for it:


And the rest of my to-do list:


  • magnifying glass on the image gallery search bounces on click
  • custom field “Excerpt” and “Audio Book” on the series lineup detail page
  • fix up NC image on homepage so her tail isn’t so short
  • image gallery bg image needs to be broken out and animated (use the same bg image as the series lineup)
  • look at using a sprite for the text on the bg image on the page.  It currently uses jquery to render the text and then another plugin for the gradient
  • Image gallery details
    • code Similar Images (Works but might revisit for to add similar tags support)
  • Make Other Media page look pretty
  • Author interviews, change the swooshy <hr> tags to the half transparent hr tags
  • Preload images so animations in the header work properly
  • text in header sometimes gets cut off (Series Lineup)