Comic Con Woes

posted on June 14, 2012, 8:32 pm

Wow, am I far behind on my blogging or what?  I think the last entry was like 6 months ago.  I shall chastise myself harshly. LOL

There have been some happenings on the writing front lately.  Back in April I went to a Comic Con in Calgary and met up with another publisher who has an open call out for superhero short stories with Canadian content so I jumped at it.  I mean why not?  All my characters are Canadian and the story takes place in Ontario.  That being said, it was/is still challenging to put in more Canadianisms in there without making it so-in-your-face that it gets irritating.

The story is done, just in one of the (hopefully final) editing sessions.  It’s about the 8900 word mark or so.  I’m hoping to be able to submit it soon and once I find out more (like if it was accepted) I’ll post an updated entry here, I promise.

Other than that, I’ve been doing only some writing lately.  I’m sort of fighting against the seasons and the pocketbook right now.  Last year I built a new garage and am trying to get the inside squared away with shelves and whatnot so I can move stuff from the old garage (read glorified shed).  I also need to come up with some cash to hire an electrician to run power to it, then I’ll need to rent a dumpster for when I tear down the old garage and then at some point I need to move the fence-line closer to the alley.  (Not sure why but when I bought the house the back fence went right through the property.  I have like 35 feet on the other side of the fence so I want to rebuilt it so I can have a bigger yard.)

I’m trying to get all this done before the snow flies.  I know, I know, summer/spring is just here, but this is Canada.  It can snow pretty much anytime. LOL

Oh, and you may have noticed that I have uploaded some new pics the last little while.  I was only able to get a couple commissions at the con (long story short, we couldn’t get in on Saturday cause they oversold tickets) but those are posted.  I’ve also been having fun turning my characters into the Simpsons.  I did one of Nightcat a while back and started that back up again.  So far I’ve uploaded David, Dana and Raphael but I have a sketch of Victor, Paige and Trinity.  I know, it’s weird for me to Simpsonize characters I don’t even have my own pictures of, but I figure this could help me get a handle on their physical looks and whatnot in a more simple/stylized fashion.  Then I can try it in my own style.  So yeah, expect more pics form me once I finish off this short story and am able to get caught up on garage stuff.  (Wish me luck!)