Facebook and Twitter Pages

posted on February 16, 2010, 7:33 pm

I’m doing some changes to the back end right now, and once it’s uploaded, you’ll probably not see much of a difference. 🙂

Basically the problem was updating the gallery. I would have to make a thumbnail from the large image, upload both of those, then edit and upload an xml. (For the non-techies out there, it meant it was mindless work and made it a pain to update the galleries) So I’m going instead to rip out the Flash and make it javascript. The only real difference would be the lack of fade ins/outs, but I’m sure if I set my mind to it I could rig something up with that as well. If I was so inclined. 🙂

The new code will read images from a particular folder and that way there I don’t have to resize anything or upload several pictures, nothing. Upload the one picture and badda boom badda bing, update done.

You’ll also notice some new links on the sidebar. I now have a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account. My deviant art page has been around for a while now, but I put that link there as well. It’s mostly Nightcat related, but not all of it.

That’s about all the new stuff that’s been happening around here. I had a massive case of writer’s block that I’m slowly getting over. The third book is about 3/4 written and I’ve actually started writing the fourth although I want to get the 3rd one done before I really sit down with the 4th one. But I suppose as long as I’m writing, that’s all that matters.

For any new pictures, I encourage you to visit my Deviant Art site or the FB fan page right now. Until I get the new code up and running on this site, I’m not going to bother updating the galleries at all. But all the images, my own and the commissions, can be found on both the dA site and the Facebook page (links located on the sidebar)

Any questions or comments can be directed to me at jlmacdonald at nightcat-online dot com