“Marked for Death” Podcast

posted on January 17, 2013, 7:52 pm

Man, I’ve got so many things on the go right now, it’s sometimes hard to keep my head straight.  LOL

The podcast for “Marked for Death” is nearing completion.  It’s all recorded but I’m being pretty picky over the quality and re-recorded lines here and there.  Plus since it’s the first time attempting a podcast, it’d taking a bit longer.  I plan on doing a podcast of my story “Night(cat) of the Living Dead” from Metahumans vs the Undead as well.  And then the podcast for the other short story I’m currently writing.

That story is pretty close to being done its first rough draft.  And I’ve figured out a better title (or rather my buddy Jim figured out a better title) “Burden of Proof” is what I’m going with.  The working title (as lame as it was) was “Wanted”.

I also had a brain fart today for some more images.  You’ve likely seen the text message pics I’ve done between the characters, well, I’m thinking I could extend that to Facebook and have the characters interacting on there as well.  It’d be similar in idea to the iPhone text messages but this way more characters can get involved in the conversation and I’m not limited to the height of the iPhone. And I thought I could have Nightcat posting a status and having Dana comment on it or vice versa just for sh*ts and giggles.

I did up a quick Nightcat chibi that I haven’t posted here.  I generally try to post finished stuff on this site, but maybe I’ll start posting sketches.  This one was just for fun and I know it has a lot of flaws, but I’m OK with that.  I plan on putting it in Photoshop and fixing it up anyway.  I more wanted to have some fun with the traditional art cause I haven’t done that it in a while.

I’ve also been working on updating the site.  You won’t really see a difference in the look of it, just reworking the backend and adding in some new pages, like for the podcasts, a What’s New page and the ability to comment on the images.

Short of working on some coding projects on the side, and all that I mentioned above, nothing else is new and exciting. 🙂