Model Cars

posted on May 13, 2008, 8:51 pm

Not a whole lot this time around but I figured that because I had some time to kill I might as well write in the blog. 🙂 I’m pretty sure in the last entry I mentioned that the first draft of WTDD had been completed and I’ve edited it several times and now it’s gone off to my unofficial editor for more editing/proofing. WTDD is quite a bit longer that TDOS. I think TDOS was around 85,000 words and WTDD is about 105,000 words, so yeah, it’s a bit longer. I hope that there won’t be a lot that gets chopped out but we’ll have to wait an see. While the book may be longer in word count, there is also a lot more going on so it’s not like it’s rambling on and dragging out. (At least I hope) But if I need to chop a lot of things out to make it a better story, then so be it. I may be able to take those ideas/scenes and put them in an upcoming book. But I’ll wait and see what (if anything) gets whacked.

I’m still working on the model cars, and I’m rather impressed I’ve managed not to loose interest. Usually I jump around from project to project and sometimes I have a bad habit of not finishing things. But I have run into several painting challenges that really set me back. The VW is almost done, really this time. 🙂 I have the interior all fixed up and the body is almost done. I just need to add a few plastic parts for lights and fix up some gloss coat on the top of the car. As for the interior, I just have one more seatbelt to attach but other than that, it’s pretty much done. Once I’m finished, I’ll take some pictures and post them here. The Jag is also nearly finished. I just have to attach the hood and fix the windshield. It was a rather delicate piece and I manages to snap it a couple times so I’m going to rebuilt it from scratch.

I’m also in the process of building a case for all the cars. I have a bit of filling and sanding to do then it’s going to get painted a nice rust colour. I just need to find a spot for the darn thing when it’s finished. I may have to make some room on one of the living room walls.

And as a final note, I did finish a picture of Victor and it’s in the gallery as well as in the bio section. I have several sketches half finished and would love to get them up as soon as I can. Problem is with the nice weather approaching, I find myself in the house less and less and working outside more and more. I can’t even remember the last time I wrote anything. I have so many ideas for book 3 and I haven’t even gone so far as to write them in my writing journal so I don’t forget them. But I may take a small break from writing for a bit. I find when I do, I seem to get more creative when I get back in the writing mode. And if I’m going to write I want to be able to sit down for a hour or more and write, hence why I’m reluctant to write say over lunch hours when I’m home from the office. I find if I do get in the writing mode and go back to work, I can’t focus and my mind wanders.

I am reconfiguring the web site so it’ll work in 1024×768 as opposed to 800X600 so some pages may look a little weirded out until I fix them, but all the links should be OK.

That’s about it for now, but when I finally get some more content, I shall let you know.