My Website To-Do List (Update)

posted on December 15, 2016, 6:43 pm

I got through a fair amount on my previous website to-do list, but having the completed items crossed out made my eyes go buggy.  Plus it was hard weed through the finished stuff and just look at the “what’s left” stuff.  So this is pretty much the same content but only shows what I have left.  When these items are done, I’ll just update this post and dump them under a “Completed” heading so I know it’s done.

I really hope I made sense 🙂


  • magnifying glass on the image gallery search bounces on click
  • custom field “Excerpt” and “Audio Book” on the series lineup detail page
  • fix up NC image on homepage so her tail isn’t so short
  • do up a template for the character details
  • image gallery bg image needs to be broken out and animated (use the same bg image as the series lineup)
  • look at using a sprite for the text on the bg image on the page.  It currently uses jquery to render the text and then another plugin for the gradient
  • Image gallery details
    • code Similar Images (Works but might revisit for to add similar tags support)
  • Make Other Media page look pretty
  • Author interviews, change the swooshy <hr> tags to the half transparent hr tags
  • Preload images so animations in the header work properly
  • text in header sometimes gets cut off (Series Lineup)

Completed Tasks:

  • fix 404 page
  • About the author signature is (no longer) icky
  • completely removed pageviews
  • 404 page is an example, but if content doesn’t fill the whole page there’s a space between the grey content div and the footer
  • “Back to Top” on character page should be right aligned and smaller and gold
  • clicking on the letters on the character page goes to next letter (might be a padding/margin issue)