New Short Story in the Works

posted on February 12, 2013, 8:22 pm

I’ve been tied up on some other projects so I’ve been feverishly working on those to meet deadlines.  But those are starting to wrap up so I can get caught up on Nightcat related things.  (Isn’t funny how life gets in the way of life? LOL)

My newest short story “Burden of Proof” is nearing completion.  I think it’s around the 5000 word mark right now, but I still have more I have to write and then rewrite one scene.  And the podcast is being edited as well, it’s about 2/3 done.  After that I do want to do a podcast of Metahumans, and basically any short story I write.  And the novels once they get published.

I’ll also be adding some more pages to the site and redoing the backend so you won’t see a whole lot of change.  No idea when that’ll get done mind you.  So yeah, in short, I’ve been busy working towards deadlines and not having much writing/drawing time.

You know, come to think of it, this journal entry pretty much mirrors my last one.  Oops! 🙂