Nightcat Comics and Lathe Projects

posted on November 29, 2012, 8:35 pm

Well, it’s now November and the ground is covered in snow.  Ergo, my garage plans are on hold.  I didn’t quite get the interior completed BUT I did get the underground conduit so I can run the electrical lines pretty much anytime I can.  Once I buy the proper wire of course.

So my pen making business has now been moved to my laundry room.  My lathe and drill press are now crammed in a small space.  I don’t mind so much because now that I’m not working on building fences or garages and whatnot I can catch up on other things, like my pens and writing and drawing.

I’m in the process of making a new site for my handmade pens, I have a domain set up right now and currently it’s linked to my deviant art page.  I do eventually want to get a gallery up and running to showcase my pens and have people order from the site as well.  You can check out my gallery here:

I have completed the 4 page Nightcat comic and have a bunch of other mini comics on the go as well.  I want to be draw a bunch of similar comics and put them in one comic book.  I’m looking at prices right now and have several ideas for the short story comic ideas.

I’ve also looked into pricing for posters and it looks like it’s a feasible project.  I’m currently working on a picture of the Trio (Raphael, Nightcat and David).  Raphael is almost completed.  I’m drawing each character separately and will Photoshop them all together.  And each character poster will be also available.  If you want a sneak peek click here

And with the ground frozen and covered in snow, I can get caught up on my writing and drawing.  I’ve got another Nightcat short story on the go and plan on publishing that on Amazon, just like I did for “Marked for Death”.  It’s still untitled, but it will involve someone framing Nightcat for murder.

Well, I think this blog is long enough so once I complete that Raphael image and short story, I’ll post more info here.  Promise! 🙂