Nightcat Sculpture Painting Continues

posted on October 20, 2007, 9:06 pm

Most of today was spend painting Nightcat again. Most of the base colours are now on her so I’m thinking tomorrow I might actually be able to start shading a bit. Maybe. I still have a hand and her hair that I need to prime first but that doesn’t take long to dry. But the hair needs some sanding and smoothing out before I prime. I have her face almost finished (sans shading) and even did up her eyes. One is a bit lopsided but can easily be fixed. The other is just the way I want it. The only thing I may change is the black “eyeliner” around her eyes. Right now it’s a gloss black and looks OK close up but farther away the lighting off of it takes away from the eyes which are also glossy. But that’s an easy fix.