Short Stories and Garages

posted on August 30, 2012, 8:20 pm

Wow, really?  Has it been a month since my last blog?  Boo urns!

Not a lot had happened recently, merely a lot of the same.  My second superhero short story ended up getting rejected and I didn’t really bother to start writing that flash fiction for Wicked East Press.

To say I’ve been busy with my garage(s) is an understatement.  The old garage is FINALLY down.  I couldn’t believe how it was built and how something so old, rickety and termite infested could have lasted that long.  But she did me well.  And now that she’s down and the new fence is built, my yard has like doubled in size.  There’s still a huge mound of debris in the backyard so I’m planning on making several dump trips this long weekend.

Now that that’s winding down, I can concentrate more on writing and drawing etc…  The next thing on my list is to finish that comic.  It’s coming along rather well.  Page 4 is done, page 2 is half done, page 1 is mostly done and I’m working on page 3.  I still have lots to do and I want to get it done as soon as I can so I’m not scrambling to make the deadline.

Once that’s completed, I plan on focusing on that radio play idea.  Plus I have some other ideas for some simple 1 page comics of Nightcat and the gang so stay tuned!