Simpsons Overload!

posted on July 2, 2012, 10:18 am

So, are you guys and gals sick of me Simpsonizing all my characters yet? 🙂

I uploaded a couple new pics the last few days and was thinking “Gee, I’m running out of people to Simpsonize” but when I sat down and thought of it, I realized how wrong I was!  I have a sketch of Victor that I need to Photoshop, but I can also do Alex, Rachel, Kurt, Prodigy, Richard, Darren and Trinity so I’m only like half done the full set. ha ha ha

Also a few days ago I submitted that short story of mine.  It ended up being around the 9400 word mark or so.  I I was able to put in a lot of Canadianisms and references without it being so in-your-face.  And I even managed to put in some new tidbits of info that hasn’t been mentioned in the novels yet.  Granted, I planned to have them mentioned in the novel so it’s not like I’m spoiling anything by having it in a short story.

Other than that, just enjoying the 30 degree weather out there.  I absolutely LOVE it.  Summer is far too short here in Canada as far as I’m concerned so I got to milk this for all it’s worth.  I hate the cold. (I know, I know, you’re likely asking why I still live in Canada if I hate the cold…)

So I’ve been dividing my time between drawing/writing and garage stuff.  It’s coming, slowly but surely.  I know summer sort of just got here, but it goes so quickly that I need to hustle my butt.  The old garage is fairly clean now, but even after that’s done I need to get the electrician to come in an wire it (or at least run a line to the new garage) before the snow flies.

That being said, I love being busy and working out in the shop.  God willing, I can have it insulated and heated before winter so I can continue to work there even if it’s -40.