Untitled Canadian Superhero Short Story

posted on July 29, 2012, 7:57 pm

Wow, I’ve got a LOT of things on the go right now, and a lot of impending deadlines.  But hey, nothing motivates me more than upcoming deadlines. LOL

“Marked for Death” is now available on Amazon.com, you can check it out here and it can be yours for a mere $0.99 (nudge nudge)  🙂

I have written another Canadian superhero short story for Tyche Books and just have to go over the edits and submit that by the end of the month.  Wicked East Press is also looking for flash fiction stories (500-1000 words long) that I’d like to write something for and submit.  I have an idea for it, I just haven’t sat down and actually wrote the thing.  That deadline is also at the end of the month.  (Can you say “procrastinate”?)

The other project I have on the go is for A.N.A Comics. They’re looking for submissions to their “We’re Indy” anthology so I’m writing and illustrating a 4 page comics of Nightcat.  I’ve been drawing Nightcat and the gang for a while now, but I’ve never done a comic before so this is a bit new for me.  I have all the pages laid out and page 1 is almost completed.  Just need to ink and colour one panel on that page.  This submission is due at the end of September.

The other thing I’ve been toying with is a radio play of “Marked for Death”.  I was originally thinking of doing a podcast of it, but the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of a radio play.  It’d be more work, but I also think it’d be more fun and entertaining.

So yeah, I’ve been busy lately on the drawing and writing front and having to squeeze time in for garage and fence building cause summer is slowly going away and I want it all done before the snow flies.