“Where the Devil Dwells” First Draft

posted on December 19, 2007, 9:13 pm

I admit I’ve been motivationally challenged as of late but I do have some updates worth mentioning. I received my Nightcat sculpture a few weeks ago and she is now fully painted. I have pictures that I will be uploading at some point. (Maybe I’ll get around to it over the Christmas break).

Yesterday officially marked the completion of the first draft for book 2, “Where the Devil Dwells”. I was hoping to put the little short story as as epilogue thing for WTDD but think it’ll do much better in book 3, which has no tentative title just yet.

I have started writing bits and pieces of it and have a general plot outline for it. 3 new villains will be introduced and we will learn a lot more about Victor and his personal life.

Another Nightcat related hobby of mine lately has been model cars. I know, you’re thinking what the heck does model cars have to do with Nightcat? Well in book 2 we learn the Dana drives a blue Honda Civic, Victor drives a Jag. I was researching information on these cars and ended up buying model kits. The Jag is mostly done, Dana’s Civic is barely out of the box, I have a police car that I will do for a Grace City Police Cruiser and I also have Trinity’s VW, which is nearly completed. (I’m waiting for a spare part to come because in my clumsiness I knocked over some junk on the windshield and snapped it.) The interior is basically done although there are a few minor things I want to add. Suffice to say this little yellow bug is turning out to be a real Tweety mobile! I did take some interior pictures but haven’t gotten the hang of taking close ups. (And yes, I have read the manual but unfortunately it wasn’t much help) 🙂

And just in time for the Christmas season, I have completed a Christmas themed NC picture which should be going up in the gallery very soon.